Oct. 29th, 2015

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IMHO, it's an amazing feeling when you finish scrubbing out a stove. it's a huge feeling of accomplishment, knowing that - once again - the oven is (mostly) clean. after spending all of this Monday roasting pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, knowing some drips were getting away and the grease was building up, it was on my mental list of jobs. now it's done. yay!

next on the list is finishing cleaning the kitchen and arranging the front room for my client tomorrow night. packing for my trip to NY. figuring out how much of the stuff in the bedroom i can move on Sunday before i drive home... if our landlord is serious about redoing the interior of our back room given that part of our roof is done. it would be beyond amazing to have actual insulation up here through the winter, but it does mean a huge overhaul of What Goes Where In the Apartment (including our bed).

i think my Halloween plans now include an apple farm visitation with Deva, Mass in Brunswick or Bath (depending on timing, though my favorite priest is supposed to be in Bath), and (hopefully) hiking the Cliff Trail counter-clockwise at dusk and seeing if any fairies come out to bid me good-bye for the season. :D then hanging out at the restaurant until Dave gets off work. bonus points if i bring my Samarra costume and surprise a few people who come in for dinner. :)

Blessed Samhaim, all my peeps. Blessed All Saint's. Blessed Moving Day. Blessed dark of the year. try not to let it get to you too much.


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