Mar. 10th, 2016

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it's interesting to me how - as i've aged past a safe pregnancy, but not totally out of the ability to *be* pregnant - my view on abortion has changed. i wish i'd gotten here sooner, been able to see the other side of the equation sooner, but i was so impacted by the idea of 'babies being torn apart' that i couldn't really see how torn apart the _mothers_ must be. even during my (extensive) education, through biochemistry and pathology and embryology, i was always slightly nauseated by the idea of something that could become a person, an innocent, being aborted. then again, i've also been a vegetarian for half my life, and to me killing _anything_ is a psychic issue.

now, from 45, the idea of someone, *anyone* else, telling me what i can and can't do with my body feels like ginormous chutzpah. the amount of medical complications both i and any child i might bear, with me at this age, far out-weigh my giving a damn about what anyone else thinks. from this older vantage point it is a lot easier to realize that any health issue that causes a woman to consider aborting late-term is almost certainly a serious one, any decision made late-term a life-shattering one. this entire Zika mess has also added an entirely new complication in many women's lives.

so, yes, once again i stand with Sanders.


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