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March 1st - homeopathy presentation at Midcoast Bodyworkers
March 2nd - Sanders rally in Portland! extraordinary.
March 3rd - saw foreclosed house in Dresden
March 5th - client and canvassing neighborhood for Bernie
March 6th - mass and caucus
March 7th - Eucharistic adoration and went into Portland with Dave to hit Kohls
March 11th - drove to Syracuse, started laundry, stayed overnight, packed up again
March 12th - drove to Buffalo. Dave played poker with guys, i went over to Canadian side to view the lit-up Falls with Heather (first time i'd seen this)
March 13th - slept in, hung out, CAH, escape room (which was "set" in turn of the century London and was truly cool), bowling, Fro-yo, CAH (hilarious Dave pictures are up on FB)
March 14th - drove to Canada, walked Falls, went back to our gorgeous suite at the Fallsview Radisson, slipped into our jacuzzi tub for two, sipped champagne, and had lots of cuddles.
March 15th - drove out to St. Catherine's/Niagara-on-the-Lake area and had diner breakfast, drove up around NotL and went to a few wineries, met some very cool people at Palantine Hills (but wines were too dry) so took in Konzelmann and Sunnybrook (pear wine!); drove home (took a while as i got us lost in Rochester)
March 16th - March 19th: clients. also one-price fro-yo on Thursday. hung out with Natalie and Rick after their appointment on Saturday, then hung out with Jen and Ryan. went home and started packing.
March 20th - drove back to Maine


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