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Brigid confirmed her magical status last night.

i really didn't want to believe my laptop charger was dying. given everything, it was horrible timing. when it completely failed to work last night, and no amount of jiggling, taking various pieces in and out of sockets, or prayer would get it to charge the laptop, i felt a wave of despair, since being able to access videos and LJ has been a large part of my sanity retention these last few weeks.

i thought i remembered possibly still having another power cord from a previous laptop squirreled away in the Spare Oom, but EVERYTHING that had been clogging up my bedroom (that a kitten might get stuck in, or knock over, or break) ended up in the Spare Oom when my sister and mom kitten-proofed. i didn't think i had a chance in hell of finding it, even if it existed.

it was still worth a try, so i slipped into the Spare Oom and closed the door quickly again; we'd been keeping the door closed to keep Brigid out and safe. as i carefully crawled around, slowly moving things, she sat on the other side of the door and cried (which is her M.O. when i go into another room and shut the door). it didn't shock me when i couldn't find the old laptop or the charger; i was fairly resigned to not having my computer for a few days. and i opened the door to try to sneak back out-

-and Brigid, of course, ran by me and into the Spare Oom.

ever try to catch a kitten with a broken ankle? yeah, it's fun. i managed to fish her out from under one of the beds, only to have her dash off to the other side of the room, under piles of books, around boxes of clothes and other stuff, waiting any second for her to bring something crashing down on top of her. i finally just sat and called to her and she sort of came out and peeked at me, but then joyfully scampered off into the debris again, entranced by all the new stuff. i finally got a hand on her and tried to toss her out of the room, but i couldn't get the door closed quickly enough and she dashed in again. i was near tears when i saw she was playing with/chewing a cord hanging off the old wingback chair (playing with and chewing on cords is one of her more annoying habits).

it was my old laptop cord, and it had the same adapter as my current laptop.

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