Survived the weekend

Sep. 24th, 2017 11:02 pm
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I survived another brutally hot weekend of faire. We almost hit 90 today, and the heat index was around 93 when I thought to check. So the last two days have been all about drinking enough fluids (we had Koyt/table beer, water, switchel, and a lemon/mint/ginger decoction), staying in the shade, and looking out for my circle of friends who were also wearing wool and standing over a hot campfire. I'm proud to report that we all survived the weekend. I might have even drunk enough. We'll know more tomorrow when I see how I feel (and what color my pee is. TMI?)


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Sep. 24th, 2017 09:16 am
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Didn't sleep well last night. I was very tired and fell asleep early, but kitty had me up at 1:30 and I could not fall asleep... at one point I thought I heard Ma's walker banging around down stairs.... oi.... cannot really fall back to sleep once the brain goes there.

The ceramic show is over and now the next things are the photography did for the Larp that [personal profile] chris_warrior is putting together in Charlton, Ma. I think I have to start looking for at least a sleeping bag as it is kind of camping. Will have to check on that. Will also try and get the Monday after off too.

I am happy I have a decent pattern down for the new photography software and I just have to work on increasing my proficiency with it. I need to test it out with the shelter cats this week. October is photography Month for me. It's a promise as the last few years I have not had an October......

The only other obligation is the craft show the week before Thanksgiving. I want to do bracelets this year along with ceramics... maybe ornaments.

Today my ceramics class starts up. the cousins came to the show and bought a lot so they have things to do. Not sure if they will have the persnickety aunt there today.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 09:00 pm
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The 2017 Massasoit Ceramic Show is done.

For my first time vending I made the booth cost and a bit more. So, okay for helping out the league since they were down vendors. Not enough made to really cover the amount of work I put in, but I can try and sell the items that I did not sell here in other places. I just have some painting to do

Funny thing...Dad made as much as I made by playing the lottery in the adjoining bar.

The chicken was sold before I could get out of my booth and purchase it. Oh well...not meant to be.

The vendors seemed happy with the one day show, but the gate was down 40 people. I am not sure if we covered the cost of the show... I should know in a week once the chair person does all the counts.

I thought of a few ways to improve a raffle we do, but no one was really interested. It makes me sad that no one wants better. The same old same old is why we can't grow.

I will toddle on and try to grow my clay art/craft as I can.

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 07:33 am
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Jose is still sitting on us. The wind is much lower so maybe it won't turn people away from the show.

One thing that is a pain is that the highway department decided to remove a bridge the weekend and there are highway detours.

Good news is that the flea market lady has nothing that anyone else has... and has electrical supplies that most of the vendors yay. She has a giant chicken cookie jar ...or maybe it was a touring...that I just WANT to paint. Do I need giant ceramic chicken?

Someone has a small Santa with roses. I may pick up a couple to give as presents. Yellow Roses were my Mom's favorite... so I will paint the Santa with that...and while my relatives won't get it, I will. It hurts that no one remembers Ma... but she did walk away from people so I can't expect anything. Yeah...last night was a rough night in dream land.

Planning plans... and planning to be on point today...

So tired!

Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:36 pm
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I am inexplicably tired today. Probably too many nights of nocturnal kitteh shenanigans catching up on me.

Imma going to go to bed early and pack the war wagon for faire in the morning.


Sep. 22nd, 2017 09:02 pm
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Happiness is Brutus feeling snuggly and siting on my lap while I worked today.

Happiness is Cassie headbutting me.

Happiness is an armful of purring kitty.

I think the signs look good for this batch of kitties to be good and socialized as lap cats by the time winter sets in.

Long day is long

Sep. 21st, 2017 09:44 pm
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Wow, today has been a long day.

Cats kept me up last night, so I started out having a two dwarf morning (Sleepy and Grumpy). And I had to get up early because I had a doctor’s appointment. When I was showing off my scratch from last week’s visit to the vet, that prompted my doctor to check when the last time I had a tetanus shot was, and I was due (just in case someone decides to bite me, puncture wounds and all that). So I got a tetanus shot this morning before I’d even had breakfast. And (joy!) she finally remembered that I’m old enough to have that first colonoscopy. So that’s on my To Do list once faire is over (No way I’m going without food for a day or two until faire is over). Let’s just say that I’m not particularly looking forward to the procedure. Mostly because I will need to somehow find someone to give me a ride. Hey [personal profile] fionaniconnor I might need to book you for a ride to the doctor in a couple of weeks.

Work was work. I had lunch with my cube-neighbor Chris. It’s been a bit since we had a good long chat. And I got volunteered to be a scrumbag, er, I mean scrummaster for my team’s pilot agile project. Mostly because I mentioned that I’d done agile before (at like my last six jobs). I just may be the only person on my team with any agile experience. So that’s going to be interesting.

But right now I’m bushed. And I need to get some sleep tonight for our first meeting tomorrow.

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Sep. 21st, 2017 08:09 am
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I have today off because it would have been set up day if the ceramic show was a 2 day one. At first I can was going cancel the day and just have tomorrow off, but then they fired my VP for no reason other than wanting a change to suit the new Chief of Business Operations... a 35 year employee and a genuine gentleman. I took the day as a breath and I have other feeling now, I need to not be in the lay off panic mode...

Jose is pounding the house at the Moment. I wanted to go play in Rockport, but the wether is not stellar so I bet the little art places don't even open. I wanted to go to the Aquarium, but we have 37 MPH wind gust happening even 5 to 10 minutes so it is not pleasant to walk. I am thinking of starting my chores and then seeing if things clear off around lunch. Maybe go shopping. Right now a cheeky cat is enjoying my company.

And it looks like Jose may hang around Boston up to Saturday... Hopefully it is not too rainy Saturday as rain does keep people away from the show since many are elders.

Hump Day

Sep. 20th, 2017 10:42 pm
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I am just SO behind on everything right now. But then again, I’m always treading water during faire season, because I don’t have my weekends free to catch up. It didn’t help when I got sick after the first weekend of faire and basically spent a week and a half just trying to get healthy again.

And then I made a post last Friday to my alumni group on Facebook that ended up generating over 500 comments. O_O So that sucked up a bunch of my time Friday and Monday, getting caught up on all the shenanigans related to that. Which included someone blogging about the thread and misquoting a bunch of people. Leading to a second thread, this one about the people upset about being misquoted and wanting the forum moderator to ban the blogger. And then the forum moderator private messaged me, because the third-party tool that he uses to help manage the community wasn’t working, and did I have “App, Websites, and Plug-ins” disabled on my Facebook account? You bet your bippy I do. And the fact that his tool was failing to see a public post because I said I didn’t want to share non-public data about myself? Proves that having that setting set to NOPE was the right choice. Why would his app/tool need to access any non-public information about me to gather stats on a public post?

At any rate, the time spent on that was time I probably should have been spending on other things. Like sleeping or loving on my kitties or working on projects for faire.

Or getting caught up on my reading. I can’t remember the last time I had time to read Live Journal. And I’m at least a week behind on Dreamwidth. I haven’t been reading the New York Times (but that’s partly by choice, I’m a bit exhausted by the relentless news cycle of hurricanes, earthquakes, 45, and other disasters). Or caught up on my writing. So much going on, that I haven’t had time to write about.

At least I had the energy to do some housework when I got home tonight. I vacuumed, ran a load of laundry, and washed some dishes. Yay for small progress.


I have a new cube neighbor at work, a woman perhaps about my age. Her name is Meg, and she’s a Product Manager, also working in middleware. Not sure if we’ll be working together or not, it’s only her first day in the office, she’s still getting set up after New Hire Orientation. But since my project seems to want to integrate with everything, chances are we might end up working together eventually. At least it’s going to be a bit less lonely around here (so many empty cubes near me!).


Still on baby watch.

I can't wait until Monday (I took another day off for faire recovery).

The Orville

Sep. 20th, 2017 10:40 pm
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I came home last night and ended up watching some TV on the DVR. I watched the first two episodes of The Orville, Seth MacFarlane’s new science fiction show. It’s clearly supposed to be a riff on Star Trek, because what clean shiny space show isn’t? I thought, from the trailers, that it might end up being a comedy in the vein of Galaxy Quest (but probably raunchier, we are talking Seth MacFarlane here). It’s not nearly as funny as I thought it would be. But they’re certainly not playing it quite straight enough for a drama. But it’s not quite so straight that it's camp either. It’s weird, after two episodes, I still can’t decide what to make of it (or if I like the show or not).

Maybe spoilers? Not really…. )

I don’t know if I’ll keep watching this one or not. I’m not in love with it. But I don’t hate it yet either. I’ll give it a couple more episodes and see if it gets any better.

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Sep. 20th, 2017 05:27 pm
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Does Dreamwidth have a phone APP?

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Sep. 20th, 2017 03:44 pm
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I have a 4 day weekend.


I am getting ready for the ceramic show. I don't think it will do well, but we re trying. I do like the 1 day concept, but I think out tables are too expensive....but we have to cover 1.5 days of a hall rental.

I am looking for some good things.....

I may go play tomorrow morning and work in the afternoon.

Poor Cassie

Sep. 20th, 2017 12:37 pm
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I went in to make the bed this morning and didn't realize that Cassie had burrowed down into the pile of blankets (she usually sleeps on the folded up fleece blanket I have off to the side for the kitties to enjoy). I yanked on the covers and the poor thing came tumbling out. I felt so bad, she was clearly asleep and hadn't heard me come in. =(

But she got lots of lovins before I left for the office. Everyone did.

Brownies anyone?

Sep. 20th, 2017 09:25 am
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Yesterday someone brought in brownies to share in the kitchen at work. They were cut into tiny squares, so I took two, But after I ate the first one I decided (like I often do) that I wanted a glass of milk with my brownie. So I wrapped the second tiny chocolate chunk up in a tissue to take home and have after dinner. Where I put it on the counter and promptly forgot about it.

Until about 3:00 am, when I was woken up by the distinctive clinking of dishes and glassware. Which meant that some naughty kitty was on the kitchen counter (and that I really needed to get around to emptying and filling the dishwasher). I jumped out of bed to go yell at whoever it was. Let me tell you, discovering a brown blob on the carpeting in the middle of the night when you’re not wearing your glasses is not a fun experience.

Brutus had dragged the brownie out of the kitchen and all the way into the hallway. It definitely had teeth marks in it, so it went into the trash. *mourns loss of my brownie*

I’m more convinced than ever that the previous owner 1) probably fed these kitties people food (evidenced by all three of them swarming me the first time I bought home McDonald’s french fries) and 2) probably let the kitties go hungry more than once (evidenced by how they eat normally if I keep the food bowl full, but bolt their food if I let it go empty. And how all three of them prowl the kitchen counters looking for food scraps).

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Sep. 19th, 2017 04:44 pm
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The VP that I am fond of just told us he was leaving the company in October.... and does not have a job lined up. I am sad for him as his twin girls are in year 2 of an expensive college here in Boston.

I am worried to as he was a buffer .... and a better VP than my 2 cousins have... that one is a prick.

I am curious how John, the boss I really like... like I'd date him..., will hold up.... will he stand up for the way we work , which is more laid back than my cousins, or will he cave. I could loose my hours... the only thing that makes it okay here... we'll accept from John 😉


Sep. 18th, 2017 09:14 pm
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So the nun who won the axe throwing contest back in 2015 was at faire again this weekend with two of her nun friends. I recognized her because I’ve got a photo of her with her prize from the contest on my hard drive. The guys from the Hitting and Stabbing Emporium went out of their way to find an appropriate prize for her. Since clerics aren’t supposed to carry edged weapons, they found a mace for her somewhere, and that was her prize. Supposedly she’s a school teacher and had said she’d use the mace to keep her students in line.

They were at the entrance to the encampment and I went running over to them and was just the biggest fangirl. “You’re the one who won the axe throwing contest at the Hitting and Stabbing Emporium, aren’t you?” She laughed, and her friends did too (I think I recognized one of them as the nun that was with her that year). We chatted for a few moments, and she said she was planning to go visit Hitting and Stabbing again.

I just think it's awesome that the nuns like to come out to the renn faire.

some B&W

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:01 pm
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I have been challenged to a 7 day B&W photo project. No words, no questions, and no people. This is good as it gets me back tossing the camera and learning this new editing program (learning is more like wrestling)

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